Tricks to take a screenshot on Mac

It will be very useful to highlight those parts of a page that have caught your attention, or even to quickly share a publication with your friends. Save both photos and videos easily with a screenshot on Mac. We tell you the best tricks!


Tricks to take a screenshot on Mac

There are many ways to take a screenshot on Mac . You can capture the entire screen, or just specific parts and even send the captures by e-mail without having to save them.


Full screen capture on Mac

To take a screenshot on Mac of the entire screen or the entire desktop, you only have to press and hold the following three keys at the same time: Shift + Command + 3 . Easy right?

Also, if for example you have a monitor connected to your MacBook , this trick will automatically capture the screen on Mac simultaneously on both screens . Holding down these three keys will save two snapshots on the desktop, one for each screen.

Full Mac screenshot

command capture on mac
command capture on mac


Capture a part of the screen on Mac

If what you want is to take a screen capture on Mac of a specific area , perfect to paste it into documents and make your own annotations, follow these simple steps:

  1. Hold down the following three keys at the same time: Shift + Command + 4 . When you press them, a cross will appear on your Mac screen so that you can select a part of the screen.
  2. Drag this cross to select the area of ​​the screen you want to capture.
  3. To take a screenshot on Mac, just release the mouse or trackpad button , and voila! Capture done!


What if you have selected another area? Quiet! You can easily cancel the screenshot on Mac by pressing the Esc (Escape) key.

If you are one of those who takes a lot of screenshots, either to add annotations to your notes or to send them to your friends, it will sound like having your desktop full of screenshots on Mac. We give you a trick to prevent your desktop is saturated!

If you press the Shift + Control + Command + 4 keys at the same time , you will take the screenshot on Mac and you can send it or add it to a document simply by pasting it . It is as intuitive as using the copy and paste options in a document.


How to record screen on Mac?

If what you are looking for is how to record screen on Mac , all you have to do to take a screenshot of a video on Mac is to press the Shift + Command + 5 keys . Remember to press all three keys at the same time!

How to record screen on Mac commands
How to record screen on Mac commands


This screen capture on Mac for video will be very useful if you want to record part of a YouTube video to save it on your Mac or if you want to explain to someone the steps or tricks they have to follow on their Mac to do a certain action .

When you press these three keys, a menu bar will appear where you can choose whether to record the entire screen or just a part.

Other options for how to record screen on Mac that will appear in this bar are the options to activate the timer , perfect for when you want to capture something in detail without having to edit the video later; or the option to choose where to save that screenshot on Mac of the video you are going to record, so you will always know where you saved it!

And to stop recording ? Just click on the stop button that appears on the menu bar .

Where is this screenshot saved on Mac?

Now that you know how to record screen on Mac, you may wonder where this screenshot is saved on Mac . By default, it is saved to your desktop.

What if I want to save this capture somewhere else? When taking the screen capture on Mac , at the bottom of the screen, said capture will appear as a thumbnail . You can drag this thumbnail into a folder to save it , or even drag it into a conversation for quick sharing. In the same way that you drag any file to order your desktop or add it to an e-mail.

As you can see, taking a screenshot of both images and videos on Mac is very simple . Save everything you need easily and simply, highlight the areas you want on your screen and share those captures as if they were another image or video. That easy!

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